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Share this article Share The ‘casual encounters’ section of the site features about two dozen posts a day, mostly from soldiers and civilians working with the military looking for hookups on bases and forward operating posts. The posts often include sexually explicit photos of the poster’s genitals and sometimes even show sex acts. Let’s be honest, we all have our times and if it comes down to it, I want someone for clean, sane, safe and drama free fun,’ one serviceman who said he was at Kandahar Air Field wrote. Military fatigues can be seen in the background of this personal ad, placed from Camp Eggers in Kabul This soldier, who posted a picture of his genitals hanging out of his military uniform, said he was located at Kandahar Air Field, a key U. Deployment drags and gets boring here fast! That soldier said he was posted at Camp Eggers in Kabul. Retired Colonel Dr Elspeth Cameron ‘Cam’ Ritchie, a former Army psychiatrist, told the Marine Corps Times that soldiers have long solicited sex while overseas – both from local prostitutes and from each other. However, online sites like Criagslist make finding hookups faster and easier than ever before, she said. Share or comment on this article:

Travis Air Force Base

Also, to lend necessary aid or resources to rescue a vessel or vehicle, or to enable the survival of an enterprise or undertaking; as a means of relief, this contranym probably has naval origins. Also, a quantity of gravel or similar broken material used to stabilize a bank, a bed, or a barrier by adding fill [v: Also, a metaphor for a crisis or critical event, as represented by the expression when Also, anything resembling a ball, from a globular finial to a round-bottomed flask.

Great Place to Visit for the Tshirt.. In fact don’t get on the plane that goes there Has been for the better part of 30 plus years. Very strategic location and a critical location for any entity intent on keeping a foot hold in the country. AND the bad guys know this so its pretty common to have incidents and issues directed at the base from the inside and outside. The weather is another huge factor in determining how good or bad your stay will be. Brutal winds in the winter with a combo of fine silty dust from the nearby Charikar mountain range makes Bagram a very difficult place to be.

Summers, hot and just as dusty because the winds don’t seem to die down much. Services on base are generally not bad though because of base downsizing these past few years, they are less robust. Food at the various DFAC’s E-Coli can happen at any point and that’s where it will start

Bagram Airfield: Address, Phone Number, Bagram Airfield Reviews: 3.5/5

December 27, at Not to mention my invention, either people love it or they hate it. Well until they actually use it then everyone has loved it then. But hey haters gunna hate. Lol Hussar December 26, at Is DoD going down the same road it did with different camouflages for each separate service?

The picture released by the Afghan Government Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A picture of Donald Trump’s Secretary of State in Afghanistan appears to have been doctored to make it look like he was in Kabul, when he wasn’t. Photos released by the US State Department showed Tillerson meeting the President in a room that featured a prominent digital clock and a large red fire alarm on the wall.

But in photos released by the Afghan Government, the clock and alarm had mysteriously disappeared. The US Embassy’s version Image: The State Department later corrected their statement, admitting it took place at Bagram, the US military’s biggest base in Afghanistan. But why would the clock be a giveaway about the location of the meeting? The clock was showing Zulu Time, a dead giveaway Image: The cable magically fades away Image:

Taking the Fight to the Taliban

In military jargon this meant balancing kinetic and nonkinetic activity. Or, in plain speech, fighting the Taliban versus nation-building, two goals often at odds. Frank Sturek, the battalion commander of Task Force Warrior, told me. Sturek served in Iraq under Lt.

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A History: ’s Word of the Year

Reporter Matt Sanchez, currently embedding with military units throughout both Iraq and Afghanistan, has been providing WND readers with a glimpse into the war on terror most Americans have never seen. Contractors and servicemen fall under this order. These are the female quarters at Kandahar Air Field. Despite technically being in a war zone, the former Russian base, which was commandeered by the Taliban and used to fight off American forces in , is very much like Any Town USA.

An enlisted woman whose tour was about to come to an end told me her story.

Stacey Fenton said that as of midnight Tuesday, trackers answered more than , calls, breaking last year’s record of , First lady Michelle Obama, who is spending the holidays with her family in Hawaii, also joined in answering calls as she has in recent years. She spent about 30 minutes talking with children from across the country, telling some who asked that her favorite toys growing up were Barbie dolls and an Easy Bake oven. She also received an invitation to visit an year-old boy in Fort Worth, Texas, and a request to put her husband on the phone.

But you know what, I will tell him you asked about him. That’s when a newspaper ad listed the wrong phone number for kids to call Santa. CONAD commanders played along, and the ritual has been repeated every year since.

The DeFuniak herald combined with the breeze ( April 23, 2009 )

The company transformed for this unique mission providing mission command as multi-functional logistics unit. The support provided significantly increased the “Brave Rifles"” ability to conduct decisive operations as part of NTC in preparation for their combat deployment to Afghanistan. This alignment supported the Associated Unit Program AUP increasing the training opportunities prior to th Transportation Company’s combat mission.

The troopers of the th Transportation Company now wear the heralded patch of the 1st Cavalry Division, and have worked closely with 96th Transportation Company to improve their unit overall mission support capabilities. The two-day event provided 32 teams from multiple units’ phenomenal training and competition on 88M MOS proficiency tasks.

Paul Rogers 1 March The military-political interplay in Afghanistan is taking an alarming new tilt for Washington. The possibility of a more precipitous exit is rising. The interplay of military and political factors in the Afghanistan war is becoming more complex as the situation on the ground is entangled with electoral calculations in Washington. The context of events in is the United States decision in to deploy an additional 30, troops into the country. But this “surge” was far from being part of an attempt to secure military victory, for by that stage Barack Obama’s administration’s recognised that the war was unwinnable in a conventional sense.

The strategy was, rather, to establish a position of military superiority from which to negotiated as favourable a withdrawal as possible see ” Afghanistan: This effectively acknowledged that the Taliban and other armed opposition groups would have a role in Afghanistan’s future government – which the US hoped that this would be kept to a minimum.

In the event, the strategy failed; the Taliban remained undaunted; yet the plans for withdrawal continued and in the case of Washington’s Nato allies especially even accelerated. As many as 32, American troops will have left by 30 September , many more will follow in , and their combat role will end in All 3, French troops will also leave by , and the British withdrawal is also to be speeded up.

These dynamics were outlined in a recent column in this series , which, however, had a caveat: If he won, then troop levels would come down to a small fraction of current numbers, while the use of special forces and armed drones would remain the key tools in suppressing radical groups in Afghanistan. The column acknowledged that several indicators – such as strikingly negative leaked Nato assessments, and a more recent report from a well-informed US army colonel – revealed the pressures on even the foreshortened withdrawal timescale of western forces see Scott Shane, ” In Afghan War, Officer Becomes a Whistle-Blower ” New York Times, 6 February Now, further events in Afghanistan suggest that Washington’s predicament there is becoming more urgent.


On an early morning mission the other day, the captain I was riding with got a radio call telling him there were A s overhead. These days, the planes don’t find much to bomb, but, for the soldiers, it’s still a reassuring feeling to have them up there. Usually, the planes are A s or F s, but today when I was in the camp, there was a big B flying at maybe 10, feet, cutting lazy figure eights overhead.

I watched it until I got a kink in my neck, but I could hear it up there for a couple of hours afterward. It finally left without dropping anything. Three kinds of helicopters land here at the field at Orgun:

Democratic presidential candidates and Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were conspicuously absent for this vote although Obama had earlier supported an amendment against the immunity for telecommunications companies. Reflecting pressures from the Democratic base in an election period, many House Democrats are hesitant to provide retroactive immunity to the phone companies. Bush on a major national security issue since Democrats took control of Congress last year.

They have also relented in fights over spending on the Iraq war under White House pressure. And in , the Patriot Act was re-authorized and extended with the support of key Democrats, including both Clinton and Obama. Indeed, the sole sticking point for House Democrats is the retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies that assisted the government in what both parties agree will henceforth be legal. The NSA domestic spying program caused something of a stir when it first came to light, and even now the full extent of this surveillance cannot be known.

The same goes for the U. All this underlines that the struggle against the U. For the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all U. Free all the detainees now! The perceptive historian and novelist Gore Vidal noted: In 27 years, the secret FISA court that is supposed to vet requests for wiretap warrants has turned down only five of nearly 20, wiretap applications. Data on a staggering number of air travelers has been turned over to the government by major airlines 15 million in alone , which the government has duly used to suppress protest.

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