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Campsites and Holiday Parks in Co. Armagh

What courage it must have taken to step onto an ocean going ship in , anticipating icebergs, storms, fifty foot waves and knowing that it might be sixty to ninety days to reach land. In preparation for the fast approaching global village, the rising generations of these eight families, as they jump out of the dull annals of history, where we are their barbarians, and ride across the stage of life in the 21st century with all the valor, gaiety and color of modern times should want to understand from whence they came.

These inventions that enabled this archive are a by-product of the inventive genius of the 20th century, movies, video, sound and photos.

The county museum is the oldest County Museum in Ireland and it features exhibits in megalithic sites in the southern part of the county, a transport section focusing on railway memorabilia, costumes from the districts’s provincial past and local art.

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Keith Potter, Gunnislake, Cornwall Northern Ireland still uses the registration system adopted by the whole of the UK in , but replaced in the Republic of Ireland in and in Great Britain in Unlike the rest of the UK, date-specific marks were never used in Northern Ireland. You can however estimate the approximate age of a vehicle from knowledge of the order in which marks were issued: The initial “x” here stands for any letter: The preeponderance of “I”s and “Z”s is a relic of the UK-wide scheme adopted in , but superseded in the rest of the UK in This system issued these letters exclusively for registration authorities in Ireland including what is now the Republic, which continued to use the same system until Tim Lidbetter, Kingston upon Thames One can’t.

Hence many UK coach operators re-registered their vehicles in the province so the unsuspecting public could not learn how old they really were. Charles Norrie, Islington They can’t.

The History of 8 Families

You will be astonished by the scientific and historical places, enjoyable events, various activities, and more. In its beautiful Gregorian streets the city offers museums, cathedrals and a planetarium. How about digging deep into the Irish culture and heritage? Armagh was originally called Ard Macha after the ancient Irish goddess Macha of wars, horses and sovereignty.

Armagh is the oldest and most venerated of Irish Cities having a long Christian heritage. Overall temperature during daylight hours rarely drops below freezing, though in the months November to February, frost is not infrequent.

The steep streets of today’s Armagh wind around the Hill to the city below. To the left, as one leaves the Cathedral gates, is Armagh Robinson Library, founded in Across the road is the former Infirmary, dating from

The second element refers to the goddess Macha, for whom nearby Armagh Ard Mhacha is also named. However, the overall meaning of the name is unclear. It has been interpreted as “Macha’s twins” or “Macha’s pair” possibly referring to the two features on the hilltop, or to Navan Fort and another nearby monument , [2] or as “Macha’s brooch ” possibly referring to the shape of the monument. There are tales that try to explain how the name came about.

Others believe it refers to a place on the coast. It is on a low hill about 1.

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Close to nature. Striking out for the wilds of County Armagh, find a haven in Peatlands area, near the shores of Lough Neagh, is a conglomeration of woodland, bogs and orchards, complete with fascinating flora and fauna.

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NI weekly papers: Mighty Maud, reckless riots and big losers

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Historic Buildings in Dublin

In ancient times, it was revered as the great royal capital of pagan Gaelic Ireland. When Christianity spread to Ireland during the mid 5th century, the county became known as the ‘ecclesiastical capital of Ireland’ because it is the seat of the Archbishops of Armagh. Today it is home to two cathedrals as well as the Armagh Observatory. Some of the oldest specimens of Old Irish were found in the Book of Armagh that came from the monastery in this county.

The experts:Richard Hammond is founder of and The Little Green TravellerMaria Pieri is editor of the family section of ‘National Geographic Traveller’.

It is a site of historical importance for both Celtic paganism and Christianity. Its population of 14, Census makes it the least-populated city in both Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland. Buildings of note St. The Church of Ireland cathedral dates back to around The present-day, post-Reformation, Roman Catholic cathedral was constructed during the latter half of the s and features twin 64m spires, making it the tallest such structure in the county.

Armagh is the only city in the world which is home to two cathedrals of the same name. The city is home to the Armagh Observatory, founded in , and to the Armagh Planetarium, established in to complement the research work of the Observatory. It has a Georgian area of heritage importance. The palace of the Archbishop of Armagh is now the local council offices and, along with the archbishop’s private chapel, is open to the public. The Palace Stables heritage centre is a reconstructed stable block dating from the s, which was once part of the Archbishop’s estate.

Among the city’s chief glories is the public library on Abbey Street.

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