Marine Battery Wiring 101

Saturday, January 14, Gps fish finder and trolling motor? I want to upgrade my trolling motor to a minn Kota with ipilot and my fish finder with one that has gps. Now I hear you can hook the motor to the fish finder. What would be the benefit of doing this? Since I can plot routes with the ipilot remote is a fish finder with gps even necessary? Gps fish finder and trolling motor? I’m not familiar with the Ipilot stuff, but I’m guessing that it’s not an actual GPS enabled thing, right? If I’m not mistaken, you can just plot routes around certain areas of water, as you said. While that is nice, it won’t give you the benefits of an actual GPS unit.

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Jun 10,  · On the fiberglass down a post that connects to the trolling motor you will have access length that will stick above the kayak. If you want to have a stream line look to your kayak, you can cut the fiberglass tube by hand being careful not to cut your wires!

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Electric Trolling Motor and Cable Steering System for Fishing Kayak, By John Zoltner, New York

It will work on nearly all bodies of water. Using long crappie poles, the idea is to cover as much water as possible to find the elusive crappie. Loading up six to eight rods on the front of the boat allows me to cover a wide path and have a more stable boat while trolling. With two people sitting in the front of the boat, the added weight pushes the boat deeper into the water, stabilizing it. This prevents waves from constantly bouncing my poles and making my bait bounce up and down.

Unlike white bass fishing or hybrid fishing most crappie will not hit your bait if it’s moving fast.

Using these batteries on a 16 foot drift boat and I bought two to connect in series for my 24 volt 80 lb thrust Minn Kota. I did not think they would deliver enough AH to power that motor; and I should not have worried, way lots of power and lots in reserve.

Maintenance Damage When you optimize each of these factors, you can minimize the dangers of having a dead battery and troll as long as you want. Type Your automobile has both a battery and an alternator. These serve the two functions that are performed by the boat battery types: Amp-hours are how long you can operate your watercraft at different speeds. The deep cycle battery is used for regular operation — while you are on the water.

The other variation you will find in boat batteries is based primarily on their internal structure: There are six open cells; if you are experienced, then you can check, maintain and repair these cells yourself. It has fewer corrosion problems than the wet-cell. The most advanced battery type is the AGM, which is also maintenance free. These are well-protected against vibrations and have different rates of discharge.

Boat Battery Maintenance

But like I said, I’m not going to hook up my cranking battery in series with a battery to troll with. That’s the only way I’d be able to get 24 volts back there. I have room for two batteries back there, not three. One of those spots is already reserved for my cranking battery.

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Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island. So I thought I would post up a bit of information on what works for me. I tend to approach trolling for Doggie Mackerel in exactly the same way I would Spanish Mackerel, just on a smaller scale. So my lure selection and technique is very similar. So for Doggies I like the same lure, but in a smaller size.

The CD9 is about right. Its 9cm in length and dives to around 3m. The areas of the Weedbeds that I like are between 3m and 4m in depth, so this is perfect. Like for Spanish Mackerel, the red head and white body is hard to pass up, but any good reflective colour is fine. The Rapala range of lures are on the pricey side of things, and in the small size can be hard to come by.

The Halco Laser Pro is a dam good alternative. It’s Australian made and really well built, they represent a good vale for money alternative. Its about 12cm in length and dives to 2. Again, the depth is perfect, but at 12cm its a little larger than I would like for Doggies.

big foot trolling motor switch

Get Connected Mounting Transducers to Trolling Motors Most anglers that use an electric trolling motor, and use it often, have some sort of depth finder mounted on the boat as well. Often, it is desirable to have the transducer mounted on the trolling motor, but this can be a difficult task. It is important that the transducer and the routing of the cable does not interfere with the trolling motors operation.

You must route the cable so that it does not get pulled, cut or crushed. On certain model trolling motors, especially bow mounts,this can be a challenge. First, you should have the right type of transducer for mounting to an electric trolling motors lower unit.

Aug 09,  · Do a search in the General Discussion areas, there are lots of discussions about trolling motors. There was just one the other day that talked about having a wireless remote.

Each one has different features, some of a benefit over others. The reason I got the Cannons was I knew a salesman who gave me a good deal on them. After I had a chance to see how the Scotty electrics were used by a Alaskan salmon guide, when I sold that boat, I gave the guy a good deal on the whole package. I would not want a manual version where the handle rotated as the line was being let out. This can be an arm breaker. If you take it to a repair center for any problem, like even a uneven drag, most time they will update it to the newest type of parts for no cost..

They have a 2 way switch on the upper arm control box. This box has a slot that the wire is run thru. It has a kind of pivoting door that is controlled by the switch on the top. However if you want to have it come in automatically, you rotate the outer ring. This also sets the gate to where the “buttons” you have previously set on the wire as your stop position, a location that when they pass thru this gate, the switch is tripped off. It is recommended that you put one of each color on right next to each other.

Kayak Trolling Motor

There are three types of batteries for your trolling motor. Wet-Cell Batteries They are also known as deep cell marine batteries. They are relatively inexpensive and, are tough enough to handle constant drains and recharges. They do require some maintenance, topping off the water. They usually last between years. They are built using a glass plate and gel-like substance.

How can I keep my anchor from hanging up and getting stuck on the rocks? o For a danforth style anchor, drill a hole in the opposite end of the shaft where you should connect the chain. Not in the shaft, but in one of the tabs on the end. Connect the chain to this hole with a shackle.

How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. It was quicker than our local deliveries. Grear work people Fast ,Easy, Inexpensive Fix Posted by Bob on 10th Apr From start to finish – locating, purchasing and installing this critical part was very easy. The web site was very easy to navigate, ordering the part was very easy, paying with PayPal was very easy, and installing the part was ver easy.

The part was shipped immediately. I will definitely do potential future part orders through them. It is a replacement for a part that got broken on my MinnKota. It is exactly the same as the original. This company’s shipping charge was cheaper than anyone else’s by quite a bit.

Installing a Motorguide Trolling Motor