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Geology, time, the elements and human intervention worked together to produce a fascinating area that features the Azure Window, an Inland sea, Fungus Rock, Dwejra bay, the Blue Hole, a watch tower and cart ruts. The area has rare geological features both on land and underwater, rich and diverse wildlife and habitats and spectacular seascapes dominated by a rocky shoreline.

There are some fascinating underwater caves and the nearby Blue Hole that provide excellent dive sites. Overlooking the bay there is a chapel dedicated to St. Anne, built in on the site of a much older church.

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The dog owner was shocked to find a python in her dog’s kennel. WIRES “The lady went out to let dog off the chain, but instead of the dog being on the chain, it was large carpet python. Usually it’s the other way around, the snake comes off second best. The python would have strangled the dog before swallowing it whole, she said, and estimated such a meal would sustain a python for about a month. Mrs Ulyatt said the woman was trying to do the responsible thing by chaining up her dog at night so it did not stray and potentially attack and kill wildlife.

It should have been inside,” Mrs Ulyatt said. If the snake does undergo surgery, it will remain under care for “quite some time” before being released into the wild, Mrs Ulyatt said. Thursday morning’s incident is the latest in a string of captivating encounters this month involving pythons devouring other animals.

On March 2, an enormous water python swallowed a metre-long fresh water crocodile following an epic duel that shocked onlookers at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa. Mount Isa mother Tiffany Corlis captured the contest on camera, taking a series of shots that documented the huge snake’s assault on the croc. The previous day, a python was captured on camera making a meal of a rather large possum in full view of North Lakes residents, north of Brisbane. That spectacle drew a large crowd of curious onlookers, including amateur photograph Caroline Hubbard, who arrived to find much of the possum already in the snake’s bulging stomach.

Carpet pythons are the good guys. They eat all the rodents that people don’t want in their houses – the carpet pythons eat all the food so the other more poisonous snakes aren’t going to hang around if there’s a carpet python about.

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Maltese and English Time zone: See Lifestyle in Malta below. Highly Qualified, Flexible and Multilingual Workforce: Maltese workers are widely praised for their skill, flexibility and industriousness. With one of the oldest Universities in the Commonwealth the University of Malta traces its origins to producing approximately 3, graduates per year coupled with approximately 1, per year from technical colleges, Malta continues to provide a steady stream of highly qualified workers in all major disciplines.

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Republic of Malta short form: Its house of representatives is made up of 65 members of parliament. The president of the republic is elected every five years by the house of representatives. The main political parties are the National Party a Christian democratic party and the Malta Labor Party a social democratic party. There are several smaller political parties with no current parliamentary representation. The country’s de facto capital is Valletta, situated on the eastern shore of the island of Malta.

Malta’s currency is the euro; before , and since independence from Great Britain , the currency was the Maltese lira. Since , the country has been organized into 68 local councils, which represent the elementary form of local government. The origin of the country’s name is not certain. Some scholars argue that it derives from the Phoenician word for harbor or refuge, malat; others claim that its roots lie in meli, the Greek word for honey, and the fact that in antiquity the Maltese islands were known for this product the island of Malta was called Melita or “land of honey”.

Today, the name of Malta is used either in reference to the entire country or merely to the largest of its islands. Malta’s history reflects its crucial strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean, between the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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This is the only practical record of the clearance. The southerly one is the elder, and is better preserved. The two parts are both less regularly planned and smaller in size than many of the other neolithic temples in Malta, and no blocks are decorated. Skorba Temples Skorba The importance of this site lies less in the remains than in the information garnered from their excavations.

What remains are the stone paving of the entrance passage, with its perforations, the torba floors, [49] and a large upright slab of coralline limestone. Among the domestic deposits found in this material, which included charcoal and carbonised grain, there were several fragments of daub, accidentally baked. Here the temple has suffered from severe weathering and surface flaking over the centuries.

It has a wide forecourt with a retaining wall, through which a passage runs through the middle of the building.

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The Auberge de Provence was house to the Knights of the Order of St John originating from Provence, France and displays beautiful architectural features. Of particular note is the Grand Salon, with its richly painted walls and wooden beamed ceiling. On display are the earliest tools used by the prehistoric people to facilitate their daily tasks and representations of animal and human figures; elements which not only show the great artistic skills of the first dwellers of the island but also gives us an insight of their daily lives.

The Museum provides the visitor with a good introduction to the prehistory and early history of the Maltese Island and acts as a catalyst to the other archaeological sites in Malta. Works are currently in progress to include another hall dedicated to the Punic period and others dedicated to the Roman and Byzantine periods in Malta. Reasons to visit 1. Unique display of renowned valuable artefacts such as the Sleeping Lady, the Venus of Malta and the Horus and Anubis pendant.

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Although I have a rabbit stew recipe already on this site here , plus a BBQ rabbit here , the request was firmly for an original Stuffat tal-Fenek recipe. What exactly that is depends on Maltese family recipes handed down over generations. Kids in his day would get an inch of wine topped up liberally with 7Up! Perhaps they still do. Most Maltese make a large stew using around two or even three rabbits as the meal is a communal affair.

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