Nordic Ideation Day I 2018 *Deadline extended to 14 January!*

The answer is simple: In order to entice Marquardt to sign with the UFC, Zuffa had to offer a higher-than-usual amount of money, because Marquardt was actually making more than that on a per-fight basis in the Japan-based Pancrase organization, where he is one of the biggest stars in the promotion. In order to make it worth his while to sign with the UFC, Zuffa had to offer Marquardt a higher-than-normal UFC debut salary, in addition to the allure of fighting on American television and potentially becoming a star in America. Given the controversy surrounding his loss to Nate Quarry, I would expect to see Pete Sell return to the Octagon at some point, perhaps in a rematch with Quarry. After losing to Nick Diaz in that fight, Fickett was given another chance to be a successful UFC fighter with the same introductory salary, and he took full advantage of that opportunity by making quick work of Josh Neer on August 6th. Unfortunately, Ray was unable to capitalize on that opportunity, as he was knocked out quickly by Mike Swick.

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Using her experience as both a Marriage and Family Therapist and successful business owner, she has founded a company unique to the matchmaking industry. As a therapist Penny saw clients of all ages and backgrounds with a variety of issues that often revolved around loneliness and social isolation. Living in a very mobile society, coupled with the fact that technology now accomplishes many of the tasks that would have placed people in face to face situations, chances to make friends and form relationships have been limited.

The idea of a matchmaking venture that could bring people together for both dating and friendship began to evolve into a business plan. When researching the matchmaking industry, however, she began to see a discouraging trend. Industry recommendations suggested that the best chance of building a successful matchmaking business rested on targeting a specific population.

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED. On 14 January KIC InnoEnergy organises a matchmaking event in Amsterdam for you to find the right European partners for an innovation project.

A Systemic Approach to Water Management. You may still register as a paying participant. Despite the main focus and most of the efforts are addressed to the waste sector, for the water sector transitioning to a CE presents an opportunity to accelerate and scale-up recent scientific and technological advances that support greater efficiency in the sector. However, in this pathway towards circular economy, some questions and challenges arise on the horizon: What is the role for this sector, a main driver or a late adopter?

What are the overlaps with other sectors and how to that advantage of them?

Nordic Ideation Day I 2018 *Deadline extended to 14 January!*

Do you have a solution already, or do you want to work together with great minds to develop innovative solutions to these challenges? Do you want to participate in a global event in which people around the world simultaneously work on climate solutions for their cities? Do you want to receive all kinds of support to put your idea into practice? Join the Climathon, drive Climate action What is a Climathon?

The Climathon is a global hour hackathon-style climate change event that will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world.

EIT Climate-KIC invites all partners and external parties who are active in the field of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to take part in the Matchmaking Event ‘Building Green, Resilient Cities‘ on 21 March in Utrecht. Together we can increase the impact of nature based solutions.

Return to Content Sustainable Business Every company — from start-up to established — wants to have long term sustainable success. Ireland is already strongly represented in the cleantech space. A cluster of over Irish companies lead the way in creating and deploying innovative ideas and products to solve global sustainability challenges. For entrepreneurs and innovators, investment in low-carbon projects is driving the need for new products and services.

Established businesses are being asked to have less impact on the environment but are expected to improve profitability and increase market share. Investors are demanding this. By integrating sustainability into their operations, businesses are managing these long-term risks and strengthening financial stability. Doing this requires the right support. Cleantech accelerator with a focus on climate impact.

Climate-KIC Business Lounge on 19 April 2016

At the same time, we build upon our extensive network of partners representing top rank industries, research centres and universities of the sustainable energy field across Europe. Contact us Contact us The form below will send your message via email to the contact you choose from the list below. We will do our best to respond within a few days.

Please choose who to contact at InnoEnergy Choose contact:

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Energy-efficient buildings and cities are the key to sustainable development. Around the world, initiatives emerge to make our cities smarter by integrating technology that will increase the performance of urban services as well as increase quality of life. How will we overcome hurdles with public administration processes and legislation? In this session we will have an interactive debate regarding this key question.

There will be ample time for advocates and critics to share their view and experience. The audience can participate and steer the discussion, and a qualified jury will judge the arguments. So join the debate on smart cities to keep up-to-date!

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Successful businesses can be moved through the three stages, accessing support and funding at each stage. Applications are now open – apply by Wednesday 24 January. The Greenhouse offers tailored workshops, a community of climate entrepreneurs, and the support you need to develop your idea. The strength of our innovation community here in Scotland and beyond, and our track record of sparking the connections that make great low carbon ideas happen, makes ECCI the ideal partner for Climate-KIC.

Join industry and research institutes to create innovative energy solutions in Smart and Efficient Cities and Buildings On 14 January KIC InnoEnergy organises a matchmaking event in Amsterdam for you to find the right European partners for an innovation project.

New activities to brand Nordic solutions for sustainable cities New activities to brand Nordic solutions for sustainable cities Photo: In October last year, Nordic Innovation opened a second round of applications for grants for activities promoting Nordic solutions for sustainable, smart and liveable cities to relevant stakeholders from outside the Nordic region. Now, three promising projects have been selected for funding after a thorough selection process.

The total budget for the funding opportunity was NOK 1. We received 14 applications, applying for a total of approximately NOK 5. As with the first round of grant given earlier in , the overall quality of the applications we received was high, which made the selection process challenging.

From Waste to Valuables -matchmaking event Tampere

The solutions are currently used by the UN and various government entities. New projects include releasing patented ultra-fast charging technology re-charge a battery in less than 12 mins! Participated in the St. Gallen Symposium, debating with prime ministers, top entrepreneurs and higher education HE leaders on how to achieve global growth with entrepreneurship and HE.

Advises on tech, personal development, entrepreneurship and PR in the programme lead by Her Majesty, the Queen of England. Studied history and politics at Magdalen College and Oxford, graduating first in his year before turning to the law.

Climate-KIC is organising a Climate Innovation Event on Wednesday 17 June at Paushuize, Utrecht – the Netherlands. We warmly invite our Dutch community and others who feel as passionate about Climate Innovation as we do! Are you a key influencer in the Climate Innovation area: business.

Granted that this does not have the same resonance as its original inspiration but in galactic terms this star continues to be way more intriguing and mysterious. The prospects of a super-advanced alien civilization are irresistible. However, do remember that even if it is an alien civilization we are see it as it was years ago. That mystery has just got weirder with a new finding that the star has shown an extraordinarily high dip in its brightness by two percent in six months. That is in addition to its steady dimming by 1 percent over a three-year observational period.

I can rephrase it but I would rather reproduce a news release from the Carnegie Institution about the finding. Pasadena, CA— A star known by the unassuming name of KIC in the constellation Cygnus has been raising eyebrows both in and outside of the scientific community for the past year. Their work is now accepted for publication by The Astrophysical Journal. The researchers analyzed further Kepler observations of the puzzling star and showed that in addition to its rapid unexplained brightness changes, the star also faded slowly and steadily during the four years it was watched by Kepler.

In general, stars can appear to dim because a solid object like a planet or a cloud of dust and gas passes between it and the observer, eclipsing and effectively dimming its brightness for a time. But the erratic pattern of abrupt fading and re-brightening in KIC is unlike that seen for any other star. Simon and Montet found that, over the first three years of the Kepler mission, KIC dimmed by almost 1 percent.

Its brightness then dropped by an extraordinary 2 percent over just six months, remaining at about that level for the final six months of the mission. The pair then compared this with more than similar stars observed by Kepler and found thata small fraction of them showed fading similar to that seen in KIC over the first three years of Kepler images.

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The presentation marathon consisting of about 15 speeches within only four hours started with an initial presentation of the strategy and vision of the Segments Accelerator including an overview of the startup ecosystem and investment trends in Austria and the CEE. Of course the Vienna Business Agency had the chance to present their services for startups as well as the numerous advantages of the city as a startup hotspot and as a bridge between the CEE countries and the DACH region.

The welcome packages which the VBA offers to international startups seem to be a very interesting and useful tool for foreign entrepreneurs. The AWS also presented their portfolio of services and investments, which made Austria an even more interesting location for startups and innovative organisations. In that list of relevant austrian innovation supporter and investors our friends from Pioneers Ventures also had their part, presenting their investment focus and services as well as the growing international approach of their Vienna-founded Pioneers Festival.

After this first wave, the teams from Korea had their moment.

The third KIC InnoEnergy Matchmaking Event brings together representatives from research institutes and industry who are driving innovative energy solutions and looking for co-creation opportunities. At this three-day event, a structured matchmaking process will .

For the majority of the season i played Flex queue and Normal games. My experience with Flex was terrible. It was a collection of trolls and flamers. But i had hope. So i started playing it. What the game has turned into lately is just ridiculous. Each and every game has feeders. If i lose a game i lose because our team had someone or in many occasions multiple players feed their ass off. The meta is not allowing strategic flexibility to occur. If bot lost the team lost.

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Dimming star remains mystery, but it’s likely not caused by comets

Kic innoenergy matchmaking event Adaptation to meet your ambition have a Worldwide Competition Our Advisors Urban Agenda place unprecedented importance on reallife resilience nbs are active in infrastructure they are grouped to address this conference will send your product or materials on reallife resilience challenges.

More here for students Frequently Asked Questions Benefits for urban development. Our community in your field of natural or investment?

This autumn, KIC InnoEnergy hosted its European Matchmaking event in Berlin. It brought together experts of the European sustainable energy market to initiate collaboration for turning innovative ideas into real products and services.

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Where life might live beyond Earth The Kepler mission has discovered 1, new planets. Of these newly discovered planets, nine orbit in the habitable zone of their star and nearly are possibly rocky planets roughly around the same size as Earth. Hide Caption 1 of 14 Photos: Given the proximity of the dwarf star, the rosy sun would appear very large in the sky. Hide Caption 2 of 14 Photos: Scientists can’t tell yet whether Kepler b has oceans and continents like Earth.

Hide Caption 3 of 14 Photos: It’s about 1, light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. Hide Caption 4 of 14 Photos: